I'm a stand-up comic who's been on Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing and the Tonight Show. I've toured almost 300 colleges and I was recently named one of LA Weekly's "Top 10 Comedy Acts to Watch" and one of Funny or Die's "30 Comedians to Watch Under 30." Currently I'm working as a segment producer on MTV's Ridiculousness.


Hi World.  Yup, I’m starting a blog.  I just feel like there’s so many thoughts I need to share with the two or three people who will accidentally stumble upon this site while looking for examples of times Bill O’Reilly tried to rob someone.

But this video is a good introduction to who I am.  A pale, nerdy, comic with Shaggy’s hair and Thelma’s glasses.  If Harry Potter and John Lennon had a baby, I’d be shocked.  Both have boy parts.  Plus, one’s dead.  And the other’s John Lennon.  That’s right, it’s a conspiracy, man!  He’s still alive!

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